Conosci i benefici della caffeina?


We drink coffee on a daily basis, because of that pleasure that pushes us to want a cup of coffee or coffee-based drink, we sometimes feel a real need for coffee. This is the reason why the term “coffee break” has been created, where we combine pleasure with the caffeine benefits and power.

Billions of cups of coffee are consumed every day worldwide, black or white, caffèlatte, cappuccino or just a regular shot of Espresso. Thank God coffee grows up on trees and is not a limited resource like petrol, that caused important studies, researches and investments to be made to find an alternative energy source. But coffee will continue growing, MIKAH will continue roasting it and we will be drinking and enjoying delicious cups of coffee forever.

People taste is changing, many are having different perceptions of food and beverage, healthy nutrition, diets, perfect curves for well-shaped or sexy bodies, so much information is available just waiting for the brain to absorb it and put it into practice. Some of it is solid, scientifically proven information, other is just made up and creates confusion into people’s mind so that they would behave in certain ways.

For instance, the fact that tea is often advertised as being a lot healthier than coffee.This is a point on which I cannot agree, as a coffee roaster and running MIKAH. I always make sure that I am well informed and study continuously to know all there is about both positive and negative impacts coffee may have, its properties and effects. This is why I do not agree with rumors that are proven to be false.

And here we are, today, with our latest MIKAH newsletter that will be dedicated to present some of the benefits that coffee can bring to you, giving you a few extra reasons – not that is necessary – for enjoying this delicious black drink that provides us with joy and puts the best smiles upon all of our faces.Like everything else, there is always a small percentage of cases that will prove the opposite of some of the scientific statements and statistics for some people, making them disagree. There is also a probability that some people are simply not aware or familiar with any of this and may read and discover it for the first time.Just one warning before you go on: you present any particular health issue and you will crave for coffee after reading this newsletter, please make sure to check with a doctor whether it’s ok to drink coffee and to what amounts before you do!

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