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Bellino N.2 - Ristretto - 1kg


Bellino N.2 is ideal for all those who prefer a restricted coffee (Ristretto)!

Bellino is a superb blend consisting of several types of washed Arabica grains from the Caribbean and Kappi-Royal 17 Robusta from the Chandragiri plantation in Karnataka in India.

We are proud to import these origins that characterize and differentiate our style of coffee. A medium roasting procedure allows to obtain a uniform aroma and to incorporate their opposite qualities to form an exceptional blend for a perfect Italian-style espresso.

Bellino is characterized by a great personality: tenacious, durable without bitter undertones, dedicated to those who appreciate the quality of Arabica but at the same time seek a light note of dark chocolate for an aftertaste with an extraordinary effect.

Available in 1Kg bag.

Bellino N.2 - Ristretto - 1kg