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About Us

Mikah is an Italian coffee brand, present since 1984. It draws its roots from the origins of coffee in Arab countries, welcoming international and contemporary elements among different blends, roasting and related products. We treasure our inherited values and strive, day after day, to live up to our customers, our most important value. The constant goal is to reach the highest international standards.

Our coffee is roasted in Italy by a team of specialists, whose activity guarantees a constant aromatic balance in all our blends.

Starting from a 5kg small roaster, today Mikah Coffee is enjoyed in over 44 countries around the world.

Massimo Hakim

Founder, CEO, "heart and soul" of MIKAH Coffee, Massimo Hakim is a passionate man full of surprises, a dreamer, a man who knows how to enjoy the best of life but with a precise, solid and concrete vision. His innate communicative gift of him allows him to easily connect people all over the world through a simple cup of coffee, MIKAH of course. The MIKAH brand was born from his strong personality and from his desire to create a brand of "elegant goodness" without ever forgetting quality. Quality confirmed by its constant search for the best producers in the world who guarantee the "gourmet" excellence of MIKAH selections.

" We share with you a piece of our heart, in MIKAH there is no just a good coffee, but passion, love, professionalism and determination. A cocktail of values that together guarantee to see your beautiful smile after each cup of Mikah. "

Massimo Hakim